Disappointed by Elite Dangerous.

I’ll be clear – I backed Elite Dangerous on the first day of the kickstarter and eventually invested £200 in the project. I really enjoyed being involved in the development process (even if it was just testing the product for free).

I don’t even mind that some of the promises made during the kickstarter campaign were dropped or watered down.

My biggest disappointment came post release and happened when Frontier released v1.1 of the game.

I’d been running a simple trade route for a few weeks and very happy I was too. I like the whole trucking in space thing and there’s a certain satisfaction for racking up the credits. I felt I’d even developed an understanding of how the markets worked.

Then v1.1 was released and one of the items I was trading disappeared. Supply didn’t drop off, it wasn’t made illegal by a faction or anything like that.


No explanation. I didn’t ticket this even though it may be a bug (Frontier don’t appear to look at tickets anyway).

The dynamic markets in Elite Dangerous are meant to follow a set of rules. We may not explicitly know what those rules are but we can make educated guesses as to how a system’s factions, population and traffic affect those markets. When Yab Camalo stopped selling Imperial Slaves it just illustrated that those rules are either impenetrable or broken.