Risk versus reward #EliteDangerous

I’ve seen a lot of posts on the official forums recently complaining that game is too difficult in terms of the penalties when you die. The argument seems to be that it is unfair if you pour all your cash into a ship leaving you with hardly any ‘spare’ cash and then get destroyed. You’re bumped all the way down to the starter ship and whatever cash you have left.

If you risk everything you must be prepared to lose everything!

Trade routes #EliteDangerous

In no particular order, some of the routes I have found useful in the last couple of weeks:

A-B-C Route (my own creation)
Shinratra to LTT 4487 (Gubarev Installation) Resonating Separators
LTT 4487 Bunda (Walz Dock) Beryllium
Computer Comps to Shin

These aren’t mine
Cmdr. Maximilian Reach
Excellent source of info from a Commander that makes my efforts look pathetic 🙂

Lastly, my current route, provided by CMDR Spudmonkey
Igal to Yab Camalo – I’m not ingame yet so can’t confirm stations but you are trading Palladium one way and Slaves the other. My Type 7 has to jump to Kemwar(?) as it can’t do it in one jump.