Trading Workflow

Here’s my breakdown on streamlining your trading workflow.

  1. Arrive in-system and select destination system.
  2. Accelerate towards destination but angle away from orbital plane (this avoids slowing down for other bodies orbiting the sun).
  3. At 15LY throttle down to around the middle of your ‘blue zone’
  4. Approach to withing 1000KM and drop out of super cruise.
  5. Boost towards station and then request docking.
  6. Now select the next destination system!
  7. Dock, trade, launch (resupply if necessary) – if this is a regular route it should only take about 30 seconds
  8. Exit station and align with target destination selected in #6.
  9. Engage FSD when temp is down to 60%.
  10. Goto #1